Your Life... Secured!

Lakshmi Vaults is an all-in-one smart wallet, personal document organizer & password manager. With Lakshmi Vaults you can protect all your important documents and share on the go.

About Lakshmi Vaults

Imagine a world where everyone has a secure place for their valuables, manage all documents on the go, get legal opinions, unbiased insurance advice and transact high-value business in a safe environment. We differentiate ourselves by providing high-security, utmost privacy and exceptional service to our customers.

Simple Yet Powerful!

Lakshmi Vaults mobile app is designed with you & your security in mind. Predefined categories to store & organize all your documents, information & passwords. A powerful search function to get your information in no time. Share function enables you to provide your friends & family with freedom of information. Actionable notification for document expiry and all other updates.