Privacy Policy

1) Who owns the data?

The data we collect about you and the information and documents you upload to this mobile application is owned by you. Your data belongs to you. We will NOT sell or share your personal information with third parties for marketing purposes.

2) What data is being collected?

Lakshmi Vaults mobile app collects the following data

  1. Customer related information such as name, phone number, email address, contact address, date of birth, self-image/ photo, etc.
  2. Customer documents
  3. The current location of the customer and the device-related information
  4. Mobile app errors and performance issues related to information

3) How the data is being collected?

  1. During the customer registration process, customer information is collected
  2. Customer uploads documents in the mobile app
  3. Third party services such as Google analytics, firebase analytics and location services from the customer mobile phones are used to improve mobile app performance and improve the customer experience
  4. Mobile app errors or performance issues are captured for troubleshooting purposes when the customer uses the mobile app

4) How is your data protected?

All the documents that are uploaded by the customer are encrypted and stored in Amazon Web Services “AWS” cloud. No employee or service provider has access to the document details in clear text. The only exceptions are - the document title that is stored in clear text as it is required for document searching capability in the mobile app and few date fields (like expiry date/next payment date/renewal date) that are needed for sending reminders to the mobile app. The encrypted and unencrypted fields are clearly distinguished by a lock icon against the encrypted fields.
Lakshmi Vaults saves the customer name, mobile number, email, contact address, date of birth and profile image in AWS and Zoho CRM. This data is not encrypted. We need this information to identify/authenticate users and to offer additional products and services from Lakshmi Vaults.